Small purple flower with six oblong petals with six orange stamen with clover and grass in the background
Autumn Crocus

While biodiversity is all around us, there are some plant and animal species that are not so common anymore and need special protection under Irish and international legislation. This includes plant species listed in the Flora Protection Order, 1999 (or other such Orders) and their habitats; and plants listed in Annex IV of the Habitats Directive.  Kilkenny is home to several rare, protected and/or threatened plants, including the Autumn crocus.


Featured Protected Species – Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale)


In Ireland, the Autumn crocus is only found at a few sites in the Nore valley, in damp meadows and on the riverbanks.  This rare perennial flower is protected under national legislation.  It is associated with monastic settlements, is an important pharmaceutical plant, and is frequently cultivated as a decorative plant. The beautiful pinkish purple flowers appear in late summer and early autumn after the leaves have withered away.


For more information about protected species please contact the Kilkenny Conservation Ranger of the National Parks and Wildlife Service on 056-7760071.


The Wall Flora of Kilkenny City

The flora of old stone walls is an important, but often overlooked, aspect of our natural heritage. Old stone walls are a prominent feature in Kilkenny City with its medieval City Walls, historic buildings, church grounds and graveyards, thus making Kilkenny an ideal place to look at plants growing on stone walls.

The Wall Flora report commissioned by the Heritage Office of Kilkenny County Council, in partnership with the Heritage Council, identifies and maps the plants that grow on the old walls of Kilkenny City, assesses the importance of the walls from an urban biodiversity perspective, and outlines recommendations for their future management. It is intended as a useful source of information for planners, the owners of historic walls, and Tidy Towns groups.

Click here  to view the Executive Summary of the Wall Flora of Kilkenny City Report

To order a copy of the report please contact the Heritage Office at dearbhala.ledwidge@kilkennycoco.ie or Tel: 056-7794925.