What You Can Do for Wildlife and Biodiversity

Everyone can help conserve and improve biodiversity in County Kilkenny.  Here are some ideas for what you can do for Wildlife and Biodiversity:

• Volunteer to help with surveys to collect data on some of our plant and animal species, such as the National Swift Survey, Tree Sparrow Project, All-Ireland Daubenton’s Bat Water Survey, Irish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, National Newt Survey, record Invasive Species  in your area.

• Get involved with organisations dedicated to the conservation of natural heritage such as BirdWatch Ireland, An Taisce, Crann  and Bat Conservation Ireland.
• Plant native trees and shrubs  in your garden Avoid using herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

• Put up bird and bat boxes in your local area.
• Organise a clean-up of rubbish in hedgerows, waterways and other local wild beauty spots. Contact the County Council Environmental Awareness Officer for information about grants for litter picking and clean-ups on 056-7794470.

• Develop a wildlife garden project in the school grounds.


Useful Documents
You may find the publications listed below useful to enhance biodiversity in your area:

• Making a Wildlife Garden  -we can do a lot in our own back gardens to increase the diversity of wildlife from planting wildlife-friendly plants to installing bird table.

• Conserving and Enhancing Wildlife in Towns and Villages  – this document gives useful information for community groups who wish to enhance wildlife in towns and villages.

• Much of our natural heritage and biodiversity is protected; the Heritage Council  publication Working with Biodiversity – The Law and you gives advice for the protection of biodiversity.

• The new ‘Greener Gardening Booklet – Your Free Guide to Chemical Free Affordable Gardening ’ gives ideas on how to make your garden more attractive to wildlife whilst keeping unwanted visitors under control.

If in doubt, before starting any natural heritage project contact either the Kilkenny Heritage Officer,  or the Conservation Ranger of the National Parks and Wildlife Service (Tel: 065-7760071).