Invasive Species

Delicate light purple multiple flowers on stem with river bank in the background
Himalyan Balsam on the banks of the River Nore

Alien species are plants or animals that aren’t native and have been introduced, usually by people, outside their natural range or habitats.  They can sometimes become ‘invasive’ when they spread rapidly and out- compete the native flora and fauna.  Invasive species present a significant threat to biodiversity worldwide.

Invasive species can be particularly problematic in wetland habitats.  They can have negative impacts on recreational and amenity use of waterways as well as threatening native ecosystems.

The National Biodiversity Data Centre (NBDC) prepared reports in 2010 on invasive species for each county in Ireland. Called the Dirty Dozen Report it identifies 12 problematic invasive species in each county, chosen based on their presence in the county and their potential for impact and spread.

Click here to see the NBDC map of the distribution of invasive species in County Kilkenny.

For more information and advice see: Invasive Species Ireland , the Central Fisheries Board, and The National Biodiversity Data Centre.


Giant Hog Weed Eradication Programme

The Parks Department of Kilkenny County Council has a Giant Hogweed eradication programme on-going in the county, click here to find out more about this programme.