Industrial Heritage

Kilkenny has a wealth of industrial heritage sites; sites of past industrial activity.  Although some of this heritage extends back to prehistoric times, most of what now survives relates to the last 250 years, the period during which Ireland became progressively industrialised.
This includes sites and machinery relating to extractive industries (mines and quarries), manufacturing (corn and textile mills), service industries (main drainage, water supply, gas, electricity), power (windmills, watermills, steam engines) and transport and communications (roads, bridges, railways, canals, harbours, airfields).


An Industrial Archaeology Survey of County Kilkenny

An Industrial Archaeology Survey of County Kilkenny (1990) was commissioned by Kilkenny County Council to identify many of the industrial heritage sites in the county.  The original field notes and datasheets for each individual site which accompanies the report may be consulted, by prior appointment, at the Heritage Office.
Thomastown Industrial Heritage Audit

Thomastown Community River Trust produced a publication on the Industrial Heritage of Thomastown.