Kilkenny Wildlife Detective Programme

Did you know that ladybirds smell with their feet? Or that you can tell different species of bumblebees apart by the colour on their bums!

Kilkenny Wildlife Detectives, a colourful fold-out activity leaflet and accompanying poster, has many activities and interesting facts about Kilkenny’s wildlife, and encourages children to explore the biodiversity and habitats of Kilkenny.  Learn how to be a good Wildlife Detective, make a nature note of what you see, or take a quiz, and have fun!

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To order a copy of the leaflet or the poster, contact the Heritage Office 056-7794925.

Alternatively you can download the leaflet and download the poster (note: low res versions)
Kilkenny Wildlife Detectives is produced jointly by the Heritage Office of Kilkenny County Council and the Kilkenny County Childcare Committee, with support from the Kilkenny Heritage Forum and the Heritage Council.

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