Kilkenny Field Newsletter

In 2019 Kilkenny Field Names Recording Project will be in its tenth year of existence. Since its initiation in 2010 over 125 field name survey volunteers have recorded more than 9500 field names throughout the county.

To mark this forthcoming anniversary we will be concentrating, in 2019, on archiving and cataloguing all of the data (field names, stories and photographs) that have been recorded by project volunteers over the past nine years so that it can be viewed and accessed by the public. We will also be making the data further available to a wider audience by sharing it with the official place names database of Ireland which is archived on

The Heritage Office has produced a newsletter called “Field” with news and updates from the Kilkenny Field Names Project. It includes essays from volunteers, in Irish and English; photos from the project; and a map showing the areas where the 9500 fieldnames have been collected by the project and community volunteers. To order a copy of the newsletter, email or download a copy here

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