Help Record Kilkenny’s Biodiversity this Spring

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Help Record Kilkenny’s Biodiversity this Spring
Spring is in the air and there is a stretch in the evenings.  Birds such as swifts and swallows, which winter in warmer climes, will shortly return to Ireland to raise their young. Our beautiful spring flowers such as primrose and violet are coming into bloom now.

Bluebell (photo courtesy of   Liam Lysaght)

We need your help to record the spring flowering plants and birds in Kilkenny. This helps to build a picture of the county’s flora and fauna and to support conservation through better data. Very little experience is required – just a love of Kilkenny’s biodiversity and enthusiasm!

Birds: Birdwatch Ireland is looking for volunteers to help record Kilkenny’s birds.  Take part in the Swifts Survey, Bird Track Survey or Spring Alive Survey.  To find out more

Swift (photo courtesy of Dick Coombes)

Flowering Plants: The National Biodiversity Data Centre and the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland are looking for your help to record 14 common Spring Flowering Plants such as bluebell, primrose and lord’s and ladies.
To find out more

Lesser Celandine (photo courtesy of Zoe Devlin)