Pledge your Garden for Pollinators

Pledge your Garden for Pollinators

Have you pledged your garden for pollinators yet? It’s so easy to do – a few simple actions can provide them with food and shelter, and put your garden on the pollinator map.

For advice and free brochures on how to garden for pollinators, and how to pledge your garden contact the Kilkenny County Council Heritage Office at or download the brochure at,creating%20a%20beautiful%2C%20colourful%20garden.

Mapping pollinator friendly gardens helps our colleagues at the National Biodiversity Data Centre to see how many gardens support pollinators nationally, and helps to target resources where they are needed most.

Let’s help Kilkenny’s bees and put our gardens on the map.

Aubretia – Pollinator Friendly       Plant

An initiative of the Kilkenny County Council Heritage Office, in partnership with the National Biodiversity Data Centre, supporting the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and the Kilkenny Pollinator Programme.