Kilkenny Ogham Project 2020

funded by Kilkenny County Council and the Heritage Council
What is an ogham stone?
An ogham stone is typically a standing stone with an inscription in the ogham script, usually located on the edge or angle of the stone. The ogham script was created sometime before the 5th century AD for the sounds of an early form of the Irish language and used initially to carve short inscriptions on stone, consisting of names of important people and families.

Where are ogham stones found?
Over 400 known ogham stones are primarily found in Ireland but also in smaller numbers in areas of post-Roman Irish colonisation in Wales, England, the Isle of Man and Scotland. After Kerry, Cork and Waterford, Kilkenny has the fourth highest concentration of ogham stones in the country with fifteen recorded from the county.

Ogham stone from Gowran, Co. Kilkenny recorded in 3d by Discovery Programme for Ogham in 3D project

What is the Kilkenny Ogham Project?
Four of Kilkenny’s ogham stones were previously digitised as part of the national Ogham in 3D project (2012-2017): The Kilkenny Ogham Project (a collaboration between Ogham in 3D and Digital Heritage Age) has recorded in 3d the remaining ogham stones in the county and added these to the Ogham in 3D website. The researched information and 3d data (including resulting 3d printed models) is part of a virtual exploration of Kilkenny’s ogham stones and an a project for Heritage Week 2020. See