Heritage News & Events 23.12.21

World Wetlands Day 2022
World Wetlands Day is on Wed 2nd Feb 2022. Why not organise an event (subject to COVID) or a project about wetlands in your area?  Register your project with the hundreds of others  taking place around the world. “A call to take action” is the focus of this years’ campaign – an appeal to invest financial, human and political capital to save the world’s wetlands from disappearing and to restore those we have damaged.  Projects can take place on 2nd Feb, or the weekend before/after. Details at https://www.worldwetlandsday.org/

Are you a boat user or angler? Consultation on Invasive Species in waterways  
Recreational boating and angling can inadvertently spread invasive species to waterways which can have catastrophic effects on the economy, biodiversity and amenity. Comments are invited on draft action plans prepared by the National Biodiversity Data Centre on behalf of the National Parks and Wildlife Service for boating and angling by 1st February 2022. They’ll be of interest to boating businesses, angling, regulatory authorities and amenity users of our waterways. Further details at  https://invasives.ie/biosecurity/pathway-action-plans/ 

Community Monuments Fund 2022
The Community Monuments Fund is now open for applications for 2022. This grant scheme is for the conservation, maintenance, protection and promotion of archaeological monuments and is funded by the Department of Housing, Heritage and Local Government. Closing date for receipt of applications to Kilkenny County Council is 15th February 2022.  Applications and queries to heritage@kilkennycoco.ie  Application forms and funding criteria available at https://kilkennyheritage.ie/2021/11/community-monuments-fund-2022/

Kilkenny Library Decade of Centenaries online services
Explore the many online sources of information available on Kilkenny’s Decade of Centenaries from both your home and your local library. This is part of Kilkenny County Council Library Service’s ongoing programme of events highlighting the Decade of Centenaries. This recording was supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media under the Kilkenny Decade of Centenaries 2012-2023 programme.  To view the video go to https://youtu.be/v0LuSJt5yWY

“Dev talks” webinars available online
In July 1921, Éamon de Valera was elected as Chancellor of the National University of Ireland (NUI) and his first official event as Chancellor was a formal reception at UCD on 22nd Nov 1921. NUI and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (founded by Éamon de Valera) held a series of lunchtime lectures, Dev Talks, on aspects of his public life with a concluding panel discussion in November 2021. The recordings for all the webinars are available to view at http://www.nui.ie/DevTalks/

Thomastown In Focus
The 2nd issue of the Kilkenny County Council Town & Village Renewal and Rural Regeneration projects IN FOCUS magazine takes a closer look at projects completed and presently underway in Thomastown.  To read all about the projects and the current situation go to https://multimedia.kilkennycoco.ie/2021/newsletters/thomastown/mobile/index.html

Climate Bar Symposium
The Climate Bar Association Task Force will host an online event titled Climate Bar Symposium: Towards a Model Environmental Law, on Friday 21st January from 3 -5.45pm. The event will commence with a short film followed by three sessions discussing environmental law. Cost: €50.  Further details/registration at https://ti.to/BarofIreland/ClimateBarSymposium/with/tnflumzakmw